Renting Vs Purchasing Forklifts – Which is Better?
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  • Posted November 30, 2018

Renting Vs Purchasing Forklifts – Which is Better?

Forklifts are the type of equipment which help to lift, engage and transfer loads as material handling in warehouses, manufacturing and construction applications. For the business platform, we always think about whether we should buy a forklift or prefer to rent a forklift.

There are many factors we need to think before getting the Forklifts on rent or buying it. So, we have highlighted the points which will help you decide to buy or to rent a forklift.

Buying the Forklifts

Forklifts basically are machinery which is modified now for the multipurpose uses. They can be used for digging, trenching, clearing and for many more purposes. Buying the new forklift may sometimes be expensive, but buying a used forklift may be the best option that will suit your budget and also you will not need to compromise with the quality. Also, you will not need to spend more money on repairs and damages of the machinery equipment. There are some factors
that you need to oversee while buying the equipment.

There might be a case where you are not qualified with the working of the forklifts than enlisting the help of a competent mechanic would solve all your issues.

Checking the forklift visually and operationally is the main point that you must remember before buying the equipment.

1. Physical survey

The physical survey is the prior thing you need to carry out before buying the equipment. The things that you need to look over:

• Hydraulic leakages

Identifying leaks is the main part for the work to be completed safely. Ensure that there are no leakages in hydraulic pump compartment, in hydraulic lines and also in the cylinders and hoses. Also, checking of oil infiltration in stick and boom is necessary. There are other parts which carry a chance of leakage are slew ring or swing bearing and swivel joint.

• Survey of tracks and tires

Tires play the most important role as they are the parts that move a lot and also are exposed to direct sunlight. So, proper inspection of cracks and loss of tension in case of tracks is very necessary.

• Indentations

Having indentations and cracks in moving parts or in any connection point then it is definitely a sign of some damage. So it is good to be aware of hairline cracks and even minor indentations. Scalloping in the bucket teeth is also an indication to change the bucket.

• Inspection of Fluids and Lubricants

Fluids and lubricants are the optimal liquids in the machine. Therefore, regular fluid checks for the proper working of engine oil, coolant, transmission fluid is very necessary. Improper maintenance in the machine will result in contaminated fluid.

2. Operational Survey

Major of the issues will be identified with the visual survey but still running an operational survey will ensure the proper condition of the equipment. Start the machine and check that the smoke is not getting eliminated from the machine. Also, perform some operations such as opening /closing of the bucket, move the boom while using the bucket. All the operations will prove that the equipment is working in the proper condition. If one finds any problem or hazardless in operating the machine then must rethink of buoying that particular machinery.

• Hour meters:

For tracking the operation time of the equipment hour meter is used and hence it is necessary to ensure the number of hours tracked is not too close to the preferred upper limit of the machines. For better results, you can contact Heavy Equipment Companies in UAE, for sale/rent of the heavy machines. We offer you the best profitable solutions for your business.

Renting the Forklifts

Why buy the equipment when there is an option of renting? These questions always will strike your mind when you will be in need of a Heavy Type of Machinery for your business. Looking forward to the pros and cons we will decide the best part of your issue.

1. Cost Difference

Budget is one of the most important factors that hit our business for purchasing any heavy equipment. We also always need durable and quality equipment that will fulfill our financial budget as well. So, saving money and purchasing of low-quality machines will result in destructive incidents. On renting the machines you get well-maintained pieces of equipment and also they will cost minimal maintenance. If you are thinking for the short term project then renting of the Machineries is the best way to grow up your business.

Forklift rental Dubai is the best alternative that will save overhead costs of oil changing, storing or transporting the equipment by renting the machine.

2. Safety Measures and Maintenance

The rental company commits the regular and updates service of the equipment. The total responsibility of the machine lies with the rental company which will lower the risk of the contractor. There is also savage of extra costs of restoration or overhaul of any parts due to mechanical damage. In case of renting the equipment, everything regarding the cleaning or repairing is performed off-site at no cost and you can be sure regarding the excellent condition of the machine.

3. Demolition and devaluation of the equipment

In long run, the machinery starts losing its value so buying equipment can be considered as a heavy investment. On choosing the machines on the rent you do not need to worry about the demolition of the parts. One of the most important points to consider is that the resale value of the machines will always decrease as time passes. Also, Disposal of the parts would be handled by the supplier which will save the hassle of finding repairing centers, cost and time. Thinking on other pros of renting will help in access to other machines.

For the best solution compare the total costs of buying the machine and renting the machines. There are factors mentioned clearly which will surely guide you to the best part of your business. Machinery planet is an online digital service for Heavy Equipment Companies in UAE, to help you with the best part of Construction Equipment Rental and sale. It is designed for the contractors as the heaviest and encyclopedic solutions. Machinery planets will surely result in the increase of the efficiency and productivity of the work. Heavy equipment companies in UAE will surely fulfill all the requirements from preparing grounds to leveling of the driveways. So, you can say that we are the best platform for the construction equipment rental and sale, which will provide you with the finest possibility to get the job complete.

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